Elegance, Style, Comfort and Neatness – these are the four primary aspects you’ll find at our Luxurious Rooms you get as Accommodation. Whether it’s a Deluxe Room or Super Deluxe Room you select as per your preference, you’ll find without fail all these features normally expected to enjoy your stay with us


Right at the very first glance, the room you’re going to stay for the entire duration as per your need should give a feeling of “awe”. Our decorations for all the rooms basically are only with this idea. Be it the furniture, carpet, curtains and such other room decors they will be artifacts and pieces of high aesthetic taste to proclaim Elegance all the way. You’ll feel like a Monarch inside our Hotel Ananta Palace right from entering it till the time you leave with a strong desire to come back again and again.

We know your stay at our Hotel is only the first step in recommending to all your friends, relatives and acquaintances to speak high of Hotel Ananta Palace forever thereafter. The factor of “Elegance” is carefully provided and maintained by the selection, placement, and upkeep of everything needed for your use inside the rooms as paraphernalia.


We belong to the Modern Era of Internet Technology. Therefore we cannot compromise on the aspect of “Modern Style” in the looks and functioning of everything provided for your use inside our Hotel Rooms. Nothing will be of out-dated fashion in the utilities, apparatus or devices offered for use in the rooms. In fact, there is a team of experts working continuously on this aspect of “Style” from the customer-perspective to induct and install whatever innovations are coming to the market in the equipments needed for a most-outstanding stylish Hotel Room. This has become a regular feature of our upkeep and maintenance of our Accommodation.


This is the predominant part desired by any Guest like you. You’ll find at Hotel Ananta Palace every inch of the room you’re staying is taken care of to provide maximum comfort to you and your family as our honored guests. The carpet is soft and cool to place your barefoot on the marble flooring. The Chairs and Sofa are getting your weight like nest, to give you maximum comfort in your relaxing mood. You will hesitate much to rise from them and lose its inviting and soothing comfort.

The bed and pillows are yet other paradises of comfort you’ll always like to lie down for hours. The thick 6 inches mattresses will bury your body softly into the heavenly tenderness to get rid of all your body-pains. The large-size of beds will have lots of room for you to curl-on freely and happily. The Air conditioner, LCD TV, Magnifying full size mirrors, sitting area with sofa, enormous moving space – everything is boosting your comfort to the maximum.


Impeccable Cleanliness is an indispensable requirement for any Hotel Room. Hotel Ananta Palace excels on this aspect with peers miles away in front. Our satisfied erstwhile guests will provide happy testimony for the healthy and happy surroundings in all of our Accommodation.


Super Deluxe Rooms

Business travelers and anyone requiring extra space will appreciate Hotel Ananta Palace available.

Deluxe Rooms

This spacious rooms has everything you could possibly want, you’ll find without fail all above features normally expected to enjoy your stay with us.