When you stay away from home in a Hotel, the first and foremost anxiety that arises in mind is Good Food. May be you’re on a Pleasure Trip with family or Business Trip with hectic schedule, if only your stomach is full, you can concentrate on other things. Hotel Ananta Palace is taking this stark reality into consideration, in offering our Food & Dining Facilities, to suit all your senses – Eyes, Nose, Tongue and Stomach.


Before touching the food, the environment to comfortably sit inside a luxurious opulent Restaurant, finely adorned with eye-pleasing decors, furniture and paintings, including the roof is given top-place at Hotel Ananta Palace. The moment you sit there most comfortably in the Air-conditioned atmosphere, you forget all your worldly worries, and be prepared to concentrate on your top-class Dining.

Nostrils filling Aroma

One of the important salient features of “Good Food” is it should please your smelling senses, by the aroma it generates, when gets served on your plate. The hot and spicy preparations whenever you sit for eating – breakfast; lunch or dinner notwithstanding – the excellent combination of ingredients, included in the food items by the expert Chefs of Hotel Ananta Palace will never fail in this regard. The inherent processes involved in the kitchen, in preparing the right cuisine you prefer, take care about this aspect of appetite-increasing-aroma getting the first place, in all your dishes.

Tongue-buds watering

Indian food items are world-famous in their taste, by their preparations and food-habits of the Indian masses. Only a few countries in the world like Italian can match them, but all of them are only famous in Non-veg dishes. As for vegetarian food items, none can beat Rajasthani, Gujarathi, or South Indian dishes, in kindling the taste-buds with their spices of hot, sour, sweet and other tastes, described in 6 varieties of combinations. As a guest wherever you’re from, you can rest assured, you’ll be served with the highly-tasty food of Multi-cuisine Restaurant of Hotel Ananta Palace

Once tasted, even if it is the first time you are pampered with the Indian dishes of excellent taste, it will be a unique experience for you, to brag about among your friends and expect the same taste or same dish, wherever you go. The list of items is so huge to mention here that you can avail, during your stay at Hotel Ananta Palace as tasty, spicy, aromatic, and belly-filling sumptuous food every time.

Stomach-safe food

Hotel Ananta Palace gives foremost importance to their Food & Dining Department, since it is the pathway to acquire a solid place of popularity in the hearts of our guests, wherever they’re from. That’s how our Multi-cuisine Restaurant bestows caution in preparing Indian, Chinese, European and Continental Dishes, to get served on the table of our multi-ethnic guests. Normally, people would like to “play-it-safe” as far as eating outside, and will prefer those dishes, to which their respective stomachs are accustomed. Our experts Chefs are well aware of this fact; and so they’re keen in serving the same food items as you prefer, the way you want them to be. You’ll be completely happy and contended when you’re our honored Guest. Guaranteed!


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