The term “Hospitality” is used in its fullest meaning at Hotel Ananta Palace for hosting, including arranging for your Meetings and Events here at our place. Board Meetings, Customer Meets, Distributors Get-together, Conference of State-wide or Nationwide Dealers, Workshops and Training Camps – are some of the examples for Business gatherings. Wedding Reception, Birthday Parties, Anniversary Parties and even Happy Jolly Parties to celebrate something – fall into the category of Events, where you will like to entertain your guests most amicably, using Hotel Ananta Palace as the Venue. For both the above types, the basic need of plenty of space with colorful decorations is met amply by Hotel Ananta Palace.

Business Meetings

The very purpose of conducting Business Meetings and Conferences is to impress upon the attendees and delegates, about an important subject and drive down a point or two into their minds vehemently. It may be a Meeting of Board of Directors, to pass resolutions on the company’s progress or a Dealer Conference, to assimilate news about the upcoming Sales Promotion Program. The venue of the Meeting should radiate “officialdom” in every inch, with neatly arranged furniture, closed doors to avoid disturbances, experienced staff to supply the needs to the attendees, intermittently and yet unobtrusively, till the session is completed.

The other type of Business Meets includes everything from Training Classes, Workshops to Seminars and Classrooms, to educate or interact with the participants. The venue required for this type of Business Meets needs sufficient pre-requisites like – computers; audio and video visual units; boards and flex-boards; screen; projector; DVD/TV/VCR etc.

Whatever the type of Business Meets, all you need is just inform Hotel Ananta Palace by phone or email – enough – done. You’ll be surprised at the briskness and expertise shown in making the complete arrangements required, for exemplary success of the proposed Business gathering at our place.

Dining and Entertainment for Happy Occasions

As regards conducting a Business Meeting or Personal Function at Hotel Ananta Palace, the most important aspect is keeping the Guests happy and delighted by the sumptuous feast, just as the means of honoring them as our “Royal Guests”. Towards this objective, Hotel Anantaplace will never shrink their responsibilities, in treating “Your Guests” as “Our Guests”.

In the same way as you plan your Business Meet or Function, to be held at Hotel Ananta Palace, you can discuss and finalize the “Menu” of the dishes and delicacies, to be served to the Guests, with our experienced staff prior to the event. By repeated arrangements of Business Meetings and Parties, big and small, they are well-versed even in the minute details relating to the arrangements.

You can gain by their knowledge and experience in deciding the space required, decorations to be done by festoons, boards, and flowers etc., equipments needed to be provided, and the preferred food items to be served etc. This way you can make the occasion a total success. The guests will cherish the memory of taking part in the event, for a long time to come and will be happy to brag about the excellent arrangements, and food facilities they enjoyed at Hotel Ananta Palace. Here lies the secret of your and our Success!